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About Mississippi PrepWhy Mississippi Prep?

Mississippi Prep is the only post-graduate football program based out of Biloxi, Mississippi. Mississippi Prep began with a humble vision to give student athletes who desire to further their education while participating in sport activities in search of better college opportunities.

Mississippi Prep is a independent non-profit college prep and academics support program that provides a postgraduate or “Gap Year” targeting a half academic semester. We provide Communication Programs, Tutoring Services, Recruiting Service, Entrepreneur programs (How to create a Business Plan, GED programs, and 100% college placement rate as well as SAT/ACT Test Prep Training for those students who are in need of additional academic support. We will accomplish that with our academic partner who is accredited and offers NCAA approving core courses.


A post graduate year is a full or half academic semester of study generally pursued between graduation from high school and matriculation at a college or university. A post-graduate semester is offered at many independent schools throughout the country and usually involves a residential experience. A post-graduate year is a worthwhile option to consider. This “extra” year allows a student to mature socially and/or academically, provides another year of academic preparedness and time to enhance study skills, time management, and another year to strengthen their athletic ability to pursue sports in college.

Who would be interested in a Post-Graduate Semester / Year?

  • Students, who were not accepted to their college of choice and need to add a few more credits to their transcript or looking to get accepted into more competitive colleges.
  • Students, who want to increase their visibility and/or developments on the field, by working with some of the top high school and college coaches while also training in state-of-art facilities.
  • Students, who may have suffered an injury during their high school career.
  • Students, who want to gather greater social, emotional, and mental development skills.

However, the biggest advantage to the postgraduate semester/year is simple: growth.

No matter what your main focus is, the especial community of a postgraduate education will help you learn and grow in a collaborative environment, tackle challenges with confidence, and explore new subjects you may have never considered before.


We are a football prep - with our players growing to professional level


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